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Blogs with News Stories on Sex Offender Issues:

Fort Lauderdale to vote on change in sex offender restrictions

Fort Lauderdale will decide Tuesday whether to allow sex offenders to legally live in more of the city’s neighborhoods. Commissioners will hold the final vote to relax the city’s restrictive sex offenders law, allowing them to live close to bus stops but still barring...

FDLE Ordered Not to Share Doe’s Identities in Ex Post Facto Plus Case.

In another small victory in the "Ex Post Facto Plus" challenge, the Court clarified it's order granting the plaintiff's anonymity to prohibit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement from sharing the identities of the "Does" with anyone other than those who have a...

Alaska court rules sex offender registration law violates due process

Alaska’s Supreme Court on Friday ruled that the state’s sex offender registry violated the due process rights of those convicted of sex crimes in other states, deeming it “too broad and arbitrary when it includes offenders who are not dangerous.” The court wrote. “But...

Michigan prosecutor tells vigilante to stop chasing predators

State authorities are telling a metro Grand Rapids man who confronts suspected sexual predators to stop what he’s doing, saying “vigilante activity will not be tolerated.” “I strongly urge the public to leave this work to career professionals,” a Wednesday statement...

Educate Yourself: Notes on “Frightening and High” – recidivism rates.

In February,2019, Dr. Emily Horowitz, a sociologist and the author of “Protecting Our Kids: How Sex Offender Laws are Failing Us.” (2015) was a guest presenter on the FAC membership call. Talking points from her presentation are available Here: Talking Points from FAC...

Homeless Sex Offenders Must Move Again

Ever since the Julia Tuttle Causeway became an encampment for sex offenders more than a decade ago, officials have been trying to shoo the group away from the rest of civilization. Thanks to stringent requirements mandating that child predators live 2,500 feet from...

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