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Keep up to date on changes in the Registrant community.  Legislative actions, news, studies, and current events.  See the links below for more information or be a voice for change by joining Florida Action Committee.

Blogs with News Stories on Sex Offender Issues:

Thank you Stephanie!

Stephanie is a hero. Stephanie is the Plaintiff in the Ex Post Facto Plus II lawsuit. Stephanie is her real name. It's not "Jane Doe" or some other pseudonym used in this post to protect her anonymity, because she can't. She is forced to bear the stress of proceeding...

Police: Wife screenshots child porn to frame husband

Garvin County authorities say an Oklahoma wife and her accomplice are facing hefty felony charges after taking more than 800 screenshots of child pornography to frame the husband before an upcoming child custody...

Registerants address county commission after rule changed to allow them

In their statements to commissioners on Tuesday, petitioners pleaded with the commission to reverse an amendment to an ordinance passed in 2020, barring them from entering within 1,000 feet of businesses where children typically congregate. Their comments included...

IN: Out-of-state registration requirement does not violate ex post facto

An Indiana appellate court has decided that requiring an individual with an out of state conviction who moves to Indiana to register as a sex offender, even when the registry didn't exist in Indiana or in the state of conviction, does not violate Indiana's Ex Post...

OR: Early Release Does Not Increase Public Safety Risk

An initial assessment of 266 inmates released early from Oregon prisons during the pandemic showed they were no more likely to commit new crimes than those who serve their full sentences. The state Criminal Justice Commission said in a recent report that recidivism...

2022 Annual Donation Drive

Thank you for your contributions to the General Operating and Membership Fund. FAC does not receive grants or funding as a 501c4 organization. Each dollar received is needed to cover the costs of communications, membership meetings, mailings, conference attendance, professional organization fees, supplies, printing, and postage. Our goal is to reach every registered citizen in FL, and have a seat at every possible table to let our voices be heard. This is a non-profit organization; the more we can raise, the more work we can do, and the more places we can be. No one in the organization is paid for their time and service.

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