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Keep up to date on changes in the Registrant community.  Legislative actions, news, studies, and current events.  See the links below for more information or be a voice for change by joining Florida Action Committee.

Blogs with News Stories on Sex Offender Issues:

Ocala sex offender jailed after registering a day late

An Ocala man was arrested Monday after he showed up a day late to update his registration as a sex offender. Shaun David Killie, 33, of 4055 NW 63rd St., was supposed to re-register during the month of May. He was reminded when he updated his vehicle information in...

Member Submission: Statement prior to registration

Recently I attended the Safe and Just Michigan You Tube conference. I wrote a suggestion in the  comments section calling on all Floridians to read a brief (10-15 second long) statement to the registering officer every time, immediately prior to registration. I was...

Please correct this “news site” posted an article last week about Amendment 4 and felon voting rights. The article can be found here: In it, they write, "The 2018 ballot...

PA: SORNA II constitutes cruel and unusual punishment for juveniles

From NARSOL: The Superior Court ruled that SORNA II constituted as cruel and unusual punishment for juveniles in Com. v. Matthew Zeno 2020 PA Super 1111. PARSOL sees this is a fantastic ruling.  It means regardless if your juvenile case is transferred to adult court,...

Non-Registrant Collateral Consequences Challenge

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