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Keep up to date on changes in the Registrant community.  Legislative actions, news, studies, and current events.  See the links below for more information or be a voice for change by joining Florida Action Committee.

Blogs with News Stories on Sex Offender Issues:

Member Submission: Caring About Children

Kindness and protection are qualities society must offer children. We believe that distance from danger is the best way to keep people safe. Then we identify certain people as dangerous, and make it illegal for those people to be near children.   Perhaps we need...

Changes to sex offense registry cause confusion in Michigan

It has been nine months since court-ordered changes to Michigan’s sex offense registry were made, leaving confusion about enforcement. Michigan State Police are under an Interim Order and Injunction issued by the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of...

Nondelegation doctrine is resurfacing for courts

The nondelegation doctrine is a legal theory that one branch of government must not authorize another entity to exercise the power or function which it is constitutionally authorized to exercise itself. When Congress enacted SORNA, they didn’t specify whether it was...

Maryland Judge Kills Himself Moments Before Arrest for Child Sex Abuse

A Maryland judge killed himself on Friday morning, just as the feds showed up at his Henderson home to arrest him in a child sex abuse case. Caroline County Circuit Judge Jonathan Newell, 50, had been on a leave of absence since July after becoming ensnared in an...

Colorado’s Sex Offender Laws Create ‘Endless Punishment’: Critics

Critics of Colorado’s sex-offender registration system charge it demoralizes and endlessly punishes people who genuinely want to be better, reports the Denver Post. They claim the Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB), a 25 member group which sets rules for evaluation,...

Florida Youth Registration Story Collection

Juvenile Law Center is working on a report on the registration of youth as sex offenders in Florida. The report will address state registration law, county and municipal ordinances, and data on individuals required to register as youth in Florida. We are collecting...

You are Encouraged to Attend Legislative Delegation Meetings

A Legislative Delegation is a nonpartisan group from the Florida Senate and House of Representatives who represent a specific area in Tallahassee.  Each Florida Senator and Representative of the Florida House are assigned to at least one Delegation.  Usually, their...

Ex Post Facto – Sustainer 2021

Our Ex Post Facto Challenge is now in the 11th Circuit court of Appeals and a SECOND case has been filed. Now more than ever we need your help to keep these cases going!

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