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Blogs with News Stories on Sex Offender Issues:

Calling Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust’s Bluff

I saw a very frustrating quote in last week's Miami Times that I'd like to call out.  The City of Miami is doubling down on their homeless sweeps in an effort to get the city's homeless population under control. The quote was, "Ron Book, chairman of the Miami-Dade...

UK: Scammer in “sex offender smear campaign” gets jail time.

A woman who threatened to brand an innocent man a sex offender to extort thousands of pounds and a TV set has been jailed for more than two and a half years. Sharon McDonald targeted the man on numerous occasions over a ten-month period. McDonald admitted extorting...

Vigilante won’t fight murder charge for shooting sex offender 7 times

Raising a 9 mm semiautomatic rifle, James Fairbanks riddled Mattieo Condoluci with seven shots, bullets entering Condoluci’s back and chest. One bullet pierced Condoluci’s forehead, near his temple. All after Condoluci, a convicted sex offender, answered his door near...

The Dobbs Wire: Flashback to 1996

The Dobbs Wire:  Flashback to 1996.  A Massachusetts father writes about his young son -- an important matter requiring a trip to the police station.  It's a powerful, poignant story that the Chicago Tribune published on Dec. 1, 1996.  The father inquires, "What will...

“The Book” on registration laws becoming available for purchase.

Professors Wayne Logan (Florida State University School of Law) and JJ Prescott (University of Michigan School of Law) have edited the textbook on sex offense registration laws, literally. The two professors, along with other professionals; Andrew J. Harris, Scott M....

The Marshall Project: The Language Project

Reporters and editors have long believed that terms such as “inmate,” “felon” and “offender” are clear, succinct and neutral. But a vocal segment of people affected by the criminal justice system argue that these words — and any other words that define human beings by...

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