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Blogs with News Stories on Sex Offender Issues:

Will someone please correct this journalist?!?

Yuma, Arizona's NBC News 11 just posted a horribly misleading article titled, "Released to Reoffend: News 11 investigates the sex offender next door." The irresponsible news story makes the absurdly inaccurate statement that "Statistics show 99% of child sex offenders...

NY: Sex offender rules an inconsistent maze

A New York law that is intended to protect children from convicted sex offenders has created a maze of contradictory policies and regulations, leading to inconsistent enforcement and confusing online tracking systems. The disparities have also resulted in sharply...

Shady Grady Judd at it again.

"Shady" Grady Judd, sheriff of Polk County is at it again. Another name and shame opportunity for people required to register. This time it was "Operation Trick-or-Treat" a month-long operation that resulted in the arrest of 18 out of 1449 registrants (1.2%) in Polk...

Non-delegation Doctrine in Sex Offender Cases Relisted

The Supreme Court of the United States have scheduled the following three cases for "relisting" Gundy v. United States, 17-6086 Paul v. United States, 17-8830 Caldwell v. United States, 18-6852 All cases have the same issue, "Whether the Sex Offender Registration and...

Member Submission: Raptor and school access

The following redacted letter was shared with us by a member.   Good Morning, My daughter attends 4th grade at local elementary school here in county. She has been enrolled there since kindergarten. A few weeks ago, as always, I participated in my daughter's...

URGENT: Sex Offender Shuffle – AGAIN!

As we write this and in the middle of pouring rain in Miami-Dade County, police are serving eviction notices to the cluster of registrants who are legislated into homelessness in Miami-Dade because of the Lauren Book Act. This cluster, which has been shuffled around...

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