Dear Members and Advocates,

We start this week’s update with an apology to “Pariah.oo1″, who had posted a comment to our discussion on the proposed amendment to the Brevard Ordinance. The proposed amendment would allow private businesses to create 1000 foot buffer zones around themselves, thereby preventing someone on the registry from entering into the exclusion zone, even if to go to another business or the residence of a family member or friend.

Pariah.oo1 had asked whether the proposed ordinance in Brevard had anything to do with the Books (Ron or Lauren Book). Without even giving it a consideration we replied ‘no’. After all, what would a State Senator whose district is nowhere close to Brevard County and a lobbyist from South Florida whose wheelhouse is Tallahassee have anything to do with a County Ordinance from Brevard? But then why would Commissioner Tobia have such a bug up his butt about this topic? After all, he admitted the only catalyst for seeking to make the ordinance harsher was a letter from someone in Brevard complaining that it was already too harsh! There had to be more to the story and thankfully we have some members who thought so too and did a bit of digging.

As it turns out, according to the Brevard Supervisor of Elections website within the past two months, Commissioner John Tobia received a $1000 donation from Ron Book, a $1000 donation from Pat Book (wife) and a $1000 donation from a consulting business owned by Book that shares the same business address as Lauren’s Kids. That might just be enough of an incentive to drive legislation that will satisfy a personal vendetta against registrants… or it might be random coincidence. We’ll leave that to your opinion, but from our perspective, we owe Pariah.oo1 an apology because, as they say, it sure walks and quacks like a duck.

The Brevard amendment is like the Coronavirus in that it came on quickly and if not handled properly it has the capacity to spread throughout the country and cause catastrophic damage. This is an issue that does not only impact people in Brevard. When residency restrictions were first proposed by Ron Book and Mayor Dermer of Miami Beach in the early 2000s, we also could not foresee the domino effect it would have. We need to take this threat seriously.

The next commission meeting is scheduled for August 4th and we would like the family members and friends of people on the registry to come out and voice your opposition. The reason we need friends and family is because the existing proximity ordinance prohibits people on the registry from attending the commission meeting (because it is within 1000 feet from Viera High School). Please contact [email protected] to find out how you can help.


The Florida Action Committee


BREVARD Strategic Planning Meeting – Monday Aug 3 at 7pm ET.  Dial 319-527-3487.  Status and discussion of action items to stop proposed amendment.  You do not need to live in Brevard to join this call.  If unable to connect, text “Call Me” to 319-527-3487 to receive a call-back and be connected to the conference.

Tuesday August 4 at 2:00 pm ET. There are 2 weeks left in the FAMM and Florida Cares Summer Camp taught by Greg and Denise each Tuesday through August 11th aimed at teaching families and directly impacted folks about the legislative process, bills, candidates and about criminal justice reform in Florida so that everyone can be make the most educated and informed decisions in 2020 regarding their incarcerated loved one and advocate for them in the best way possible.   IMPORTANT: You must register for each class and classes are limited so sign up TODAY! ⇢ Link to register for the FAMM & Florida Cares Summer Camp Classes  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Thursday Aug 6 at 8pm ET- FAC Monthly Member Call. Dial 319-527-3487.  If unable to connect, text “Call Me” to 319-527-3487.  You will receive a call-back and be connected to the conference. Guest Shelly Kavanagh   She will present on her dissertation topic involving mothers of registrants.  Shelley also facilitates the monthly Family Support sessions with Dr Levenson.

Saturday Aug 8 from 11am-1pm ET.  Family Support Session via Zoom (non-registrants only – intended for family members and others with loved ones on the Registry.  Must be FAC member and RSVP to [email protected] to receive Zoom link.

Thursday Aug 13 at 8pm ET- FAC New Member Orientation Call. Dial 319-527-3487.  If unable to connect, text “Call Me” to 319-527-3487.  You will receive a call-back and be connected to the conference.


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