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Someone just posted something great on our website. He wrote, “well to show there may be hope, Bill Cosby just had his conviction overturned”.

I don’t mean to imply this comment is great because of the overturned conviction. In fact, if someone was actually guilty and  evaded justice, the news is certainly not great. The reason I thought the comment was great is because here’s a guy who was skewered in the court of public opinion, convicted at trial, sentenced to what could effectively be the rest of his life in prison at that age, totally lost his appeal, and was denied parole just last month… yet tonight he’s home with his family and sleeping in his own bed.

Again, this is not a celebration of an overturned conviction, but a celebration of hope. The fact that Bill Cosby, after years of so many defeats, was just handed a life changing decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, should give us all hope that as long as we hang in there, keep fighting, and hold out for hope, one day we might also get that life changing Court decision.

Ironically, as news came in about Cosby, I was reading the brilliant Response to the State’s Motion To Dismiss filed late yesterday in our “Ex Post Facto Plus II” challenge. You can read the Response for yourself here: In fact, I suggest everyone receiving this email takes a few moments to read the response, because I would love for it to offer you as much hope as I have right now.

Attorneys Val Jonas and Todd Scher (in our opinion) did an amazing job of fighting back against the State’s motion, not only through well-articulated arguments, but through their citations to the latest and greatest authorities and precedents. It is clear that nobody has deeper knowledge of this area of law than the attorneys who are fighting on our behalf and is clear that nobody is more dedicated to seeing this through to the finish line either.

We still need to continue fundraising for this challenge (which is now, actually two cases). You can monitor the progress by looking at the thermometer under “Ex Post Facto – Sustainer 2021”  and if you are able to make a donation, please help us move closer to our goal. And, be sure to keep hope alive!


The Florida Action Committee


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