Another registrant has been murdered in Florida, just hours after registering.

Norman Bill Williams, 59, was killed by Bobby J. Bullock, Jr., 46, this past Saturday, just hours after registering as a Sexual Predator in Franklin County.

The Apalachicola & Carrabelle Times reports that the registrant, “…attracted widespread media attention in Sept. 2011, when he fled the woods outside Eastpoint after being released there from a stint in state prison. Because he was a sexual predator who had been shunned by his family, Williams had no place else he could legally stay, so probation officials placed a tracker on Williams’ leg and told him to remain in the woods. He shed the device, and fled.” (source)

The Florida Action Committee does not condone the crime that led to Williams’ registration requirement or his fleeing (which led to an additional two years imprisonment for failure to register). However, FAC condemns the action of the probation department in sending him to go live in the woods and naturally we condemn his murder.

One must wonder whether Williams would have had a possibility of returning to a functional life if he had a stable place to live and any chance of finding employment. Also, whether he would still be alive today.

The Florida Action Committee also condemns the comments posted beneath the article applauding this individual’s murder. Ashley Sikes of Panama City writes, “Bullock should have a national holiday named after him. Bullock Day!!”  Sabrina Brooks of Fort Pierce  writes, “Bobby Bullock Jr. you are my hero!” What kind of a society do we live in that applauds the murder of anyone?


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