This is a horrible bill!


Child Exploitation; Revising the offenses that may be investigated and prosecuted by the Office of Statewide Prosecution; revising the types of offenses committed by a child in the custody of the Department of Children and Families which require the department to provide notice to the school superintendent; revising the type of offenses that create a rebuttable presumption of detriment for judicial determinations related to contact between a parent or caregiver and certain child victims, etc.


Among a number of things this bill seeks to do is remove parental rights of parents convicted of viewing child pornography even if the child was not the victim!


It empowers Department of Children and Families to make this call. We all know the horrific track record of DCF and how many children have died in their custody and control or oversight.




Why is Florida going backwards? The COSOMB has just released new guidelines which actually says it’s important for parents to have contact with their children. They have rethought a position which was widely held for many years in Colorado, and now they have realized it is detrimental to the family as a whole. Not just the returning registered person but to the very children who were denied access to their parent.

There are high profile ATSA members on this COSOMB who are consultants to the SMART office… I think they know far more than legislators in Florida who seek only to continue to punish a population who is of the least likely to reoffend and have  contact offense.




Recent Article in the Denver Post…

Denver Post | March 5, 2017


Sex offenders see stringent parenting rules relaxed in Colorado, prompting debate over child safety

Appeals court ruling rejected Colorado’s approach to treatment




By Christopher N. Osher


Excerpts:   Colorado’s sex offenders have long maintained the state treats them as pariahs, closely monitoring where they live, what they look at, who they talk to and what they discuss. One claimed in federal court filings that he was warned against keeping a crucifix because it displayed partial nudity. Another, convicted of groping a woman, said he had to write down his thoughts every time he saw a school bus.


The idea was to protect children, but the resulting system that cut off offenders from their own families has now been struck down in federal court. That leaves Colorado to create a new sex-offender treatment and management system that defense lawyers say is long overdue but prosecutors worry will put children at risk.


The system used to start with the premise that offenders should be barred from seeing their children even when they had not been victimized, until offenders prove they’re safe. Probation and parole officials almost always barred contact. The new system presumes sex offenders should parent their children unless a judge or parole board find compelling evidence the children are in danger.  CONTINUED:



U.S. vs. Burns

U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, Case No. 13-5045

Opinion field Dec. 30, 2014



It is important that when you call, give your name, if you are a constituent, say so, DO NOT mention your registration status as it is irrelevant. If you are not a registered citizen DO NOT mention as it is irrelevant.


Talking Points:

  • If we continue down this path by denying the rights of this group of people it’s a slippery slope, who then is next?
  • This population is already without a voice in their inability to vote, they should at least be allowed to parent  their own children if they so choose, as does every other citizen, without fear of law enforcement or the government taking them away because they are forced to bare a label imposed by the government for a past conviction.
  • If law enforcement believes a crime is being committed they can get a search warrant, as they would for every other citizen.
  • It is unconscionable the legislature believes this is acceptable to us as Americans to have our failing Department of Children and Families make decisions as to who should be parenting your children if there has been no harm caused to them by you.





Click here to find the listings of all your legislators.



House of Representatives Committees




Chairman: Chris Sprowls  [email protected]     (850) 717-5065


Vice Chairman: Ross Spano [email protected]   (850) 717-5059


Democratic Ranking Member: Cynthia Stafford [email protected]            (850) 717-5109


Alexander, Ramon [D] [email protected]  (850) 717-5008


Burgess, Jr., Daniel Wright “Danny” [R] [email protected] (850) 717-5038


Cortes, John [D] [email protected] (850) 717-5043


Diamond, Ben [D] [email protected]      (850) 717-5068


Fant, Jay [R] [email protected]   (850) 717-5015


Fitzenhagen, Heather [R] [email protected]   (850) 717-5078


Geller, Joseph [D] [email protected]       (850) 717-5100


Gonzalez, Julio [R] [email protected]    (850) 717-5074


Grall, Erin [R] [email protected]           (850) 717-5054


Hager, Bill [R] [email protected]         (850) 717-5089


Harrison, Shawn [R] [email protected]          (850) 717-5063


Metz, Larry [R] [email protected]     (850) 717-5032


Moraitis, Jr., George R. [R] [email protected]         (850) 717-5093


Plakon, Scott [R] [email protected]                      (850) 717-5029


Pritchett, Sharon [D] [email protected]       (850) 717-5102


Justice Appropriations:


Chairman: Bill Hagar [email protected]           (850) 717-5089


Vice Chairman:  Eris Eisnaugle [email protected]        (850) 717-5044


Democratic Ranking Member: Sharon Pritchett [email protected]            (850) 717-5102


Abruzzo, Joseph [D] [email protected]          (850) 717-5081


Asencio, Robert [D] [email protected] (850) 717-5118


Byrd, Cord [R] [email protected]                 (850) 717-5011


Daniels, Kimberly [D] [email protected]      (850) 717-5014


Fitzenhagen, Heather [R] [email protected]   (850) 717-5078


Gruters, Joe [R] [email protected]  (850) 717-5073


Miller, Mike [R] [email protected]  (850) 717-5047


Plakon, Scott [R] scot[email protected]          (850) 717-5029


Spano, Ross [R] [email protected] (850) 717-5059


Sullivan, Jennifer Mae [R] [email protected]                      (850) 717-5031


Williams, Patricia H. [D] [email protected] (850) 717-5092


Yarborough, Clay [R] [email protected]       (850) 717-5012



Criminal Justice:


Chairman: Ross Spano [email protected] (850) 717-5059


Vice Chair: Julio Gonzalez [email protected]   (850) 717-5074


Democratic Ranking Member: Sharon Pritchett [email protected]            (850) 717-5102


Alexander, Ramon [D] [email protected]  (850) 717-5008


Altman, Thad [R] [email protected]                      (850) 717-5052


Eagle, Dane [R] [email protected]   (850) 717-5077


Grant, James “J.W.” [R] [email protected]                      (850) 717-5064


Harrell, Gayle B. [R] [email protected]    (850) 717-5083


Latvala, Chris [R] [email protected]                      (850) 717-5067


Moskowitz, Jared Evan [D] [email protected]                   (850) 717-5097


Raulerson, Daniel D. “Dan” [R] [email protected] (850) 717-5058


Richardson, David [D] [email protected]    (850) 717-5113


Rommel, Bob [R] [email protected]         (850) 717-5106


Slosberg, Emily [D] [email protected] (850) 717-5091


Sullivan, Jennifer Mae [R] [email protected]           (850) 717-5031


Senate Committees:



Chair: Senator Greg Steube (R) [email protected]           (850) 487-5023


Vice Chair: Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto (R) [email protected]            (850) 487-5027


Senator Randolph Bracy (D) [email protected]          (850) 487-5011


Senator Anitere Flores (R) [email protected]     (850) 487-5039


Senator Rene Garcia (R) [email protected]             (850) 487-5036


Senator Audrey Gibson (D) [email protected]  (850) 487-5006


Senator Debbie Mayfield (R) [email protected]        (850) 487-5017


Senator Bobby Powell (D) [email protected]     (850) 487-5030


Senator Perry E.  Thurston, Jr. (D) [email protected]            (850) 487-5033



Justice Appropriations:


Chairman: Senator Aaron Bean (R) [email protected]     (850) 487-5004


Vice Chairman: Senator Randolph Bracy (D) [email protected]    (850) 487-5011


Senator Dennis Baxley (R) [email protected]     (850) 487-5012


Senator Jeff Clemens (D) [email protected]          (850) 487-5031


Senator Keith Perry (R) [email protected]               (850) 487-5008



Criminal Justice:


Chair: Senator Randolph Bracy (D) [email protected]          (850) 487-5011


Vice Chair: Senator Dennis Baxley (R) [email protected]        (850) 487-5012


Senator Aaron Bean (R) [email protected]             (850) 487-5004


Senator Rob Bradley (R) [email protected]            (850) 487-5005


Senator Jeff Brandes (R) [email protected]           (850) 487-5024


Senator Jeff Clemens (D) [email protected]          (850) 487-5031


Senator Darryl Ervin Rouson (D) [email protected]     (850) 487-5019




This is your time to SHOW UP, STAND UP and SPEAK UP!




We are all in this together.

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