HARTFORD — The Judiciary Committee advanced a bill that would allow some low-risk offenders to come off the state’s public sex offender registry — a move that proponents said would make it easier for law enforcement to focus on high-risk offenders.

SB 1113 is based on years of work by state officials including the Office of Policy and Management and the Sentencing Commission to determine effective ways of making the registry more equitable based on risk factors rather than offenses, said Robert Farr, a former legislator and a former head of the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

“When every sex offender is listed on the same registry, then everybody is assumed to be high-risk, and neither law enforcement or the public has any way to distinguish high-risk from low-risk,” Farr said in his testimony to the committee. “SB 1113 makes major changes in the registry to make it more focused and useful.”


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