Florida Sex Offender Laws

By now we all know (hopefully) that when visiting Florida, or staying at a temporary location for five (5) or more days, a sex offender is required to register where they are staying as a “temporary address”. But did you know that in addition to going to the local sheriff and registering, you are also required to go to the DMV and get a new driver’s license/ID?

Who would have thought, right?

It was just brought to our attention that even registering a temporary address triggers the requirement that you go down to the DMV drivers license office also.

Florida Statutes 943.0435 states:

(4)(a) Each time a sexual offender’s driver’s license or identification card is subject to renewal, and, without regard to the status of the offender’s driver’s license or identification card, within 48 hours after any change in the offender’s permanent, temporary, or transient residence or change in the offender’s name by reason of marriage or other legal process, the offender shall report in person to a driver’s license office, and shall be subject to the requirements specified in subsection (3).

So say you live in another state and plan to take a family trip to Florida for winter break, plan to spend half a day at the sheriff’s office to register and another half day at the driver’s license office getting your license or ID card. Say you live in North Florida and plan on visiting your parents in Boca Raton for 5 days, you’ll need to BOTH go to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to register your temporary location AND go to the DHSMV to change your driver’s license, even though you have a Florida license with the designation on it!


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