Richard Culley, a former Army sergeant plans to fight to prevent his son, Ryan, from being labeled as a “sex offender” for having sex with a 15-year old girl who lied about her age.

He was convicted solely based on the age of the girl. In Court, it was stipulated that the sex between Ryan and the girl was consensual and there was no coercion, the girl claimed on Facebook that she was 18 years old, the girl was the one who initiated contact with Ryan.

Ryan received a two-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to sexual assault, but the prison sentence is not what concerns Richard. It’s the horrible label of “sex offender” that his son will have to wear for the rest of his life! A label that Richard feels does not fit all and that he vows to fight.

We are hopeful that more parents, like Richard, are willing to speak out to the media to let them know that not everyone on this list is some predatory creep abducting and molesting children. Some, like his son, are victims of girls who lie about their age. We are also hopeful that Richard connects with an advocacy group in his area, such as Texas Voices for Reason and Justice (, where he will find a supportive community and resources to help him fight!

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