The program is aimed specifically at providing a supportive community for persons who are required to register, along with their family members and significant others who face the same challenges, which are immense. Fearless groups run independent of FAC and have no direct ties to the organization. The purpose is to encourage members to become “fearless” and strength to be an active advocate for organizations such as FAC.  You can read more about it in the Fearless Group pamphlet.

Three Key Goals of Fearless Groups:
* Ending the fear we experience as registered citizens or friends and family of registered citizens.
* Ending the fear of the general public due to false stereotypes and hype regarding registered citizens.
* Helping each other to overcome obstacles and succeed in life, in spite of the laws that keep us down.

The meetings are structured, beginning with the reading of the Fearless Group Courtesies and Manifesto, then moves to the two main potions:

1) a presentation that focuses on ways to take charge of your own life and affect change in the law.

2) a very quick check-in: where they are, what you may be dealing with etc. then proceeds to discussion and feedback on a range of topics.

 Sharing your story with others
 Coping with stress
 Taking care of ourselves
 Getting past fear
 Discuss a manifesto declaration
 Letting go of anger


Initially, the meetings will be by phone and we hope later to see small, local in-person groups develop throughout the state.

If you are unable to join this evening, but want to participate at another time, contact Daphne to let her know your availability, your concerns, and perhaps your desire to lead a Fearless Group in your area.  She can be reached at: [email protected] or leave a message at 321-754-0446.

You can read more about Fearless Groups on the NARSOL site.

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