Let’s face it, no matter where someone on the registry lives, so long as their name and picture are on the list, neighbors will complain. They don’t want registrants living too close to here or or too close to there, not in this area nor that one, not near this group, nor near that group. As communities try to outdo each other with harsher banishment laws, fewer areas are available and within those select areas, few landlords willing to rent to a disfavored group.

The foreseeable result is clustering, but even when that happens, neighbors complain. Neighbors in Englewood, IL are asking their Alderman to take action against a building that houses dozens of registrants. Its one of the few places they can go. The oblivious Alderman, Roderick Sawyer, is now questioning why, if the state of Illinois can prevent registrants from living in an exclusion zone surrounding a school, why the state can’t also prevent so many registrants from living in one building.

Here’s another prediction, Alderman Sawyer… if you are successful in creating laws to bust up these clusters, where do you think these people will go? To the streets. As many communities have discovered, if you take away all viable housing options from people, they will wind up homeless or go underground. Then you will have your constituents complaining about all the homeless registrants! No matter where they live, so long as we have this draconian list, neighbors will complain.

Kudos to the Chicago Sun Times for reporting on this story in a balanced way.https://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/3/25/22334208/sex-offenders-englewood-apartment-sawyer-aclu-editorial



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