A Federal Judge in the Northern District of Illinois has DENIED the IL Department of Correction’s Motion to Dismiss in a case challenging the DOC’s policy of restricting internet access to parolees.

The plaintiffs, through their rock-star attorneys, Adele Nicholas and Mark Weinberg, are persons who are required to register as sex offenders who are challenging the IL DOC’s policy. They claim that the restriction on internet use, among other things, “inhibits their rehabilitation and interferes with their efforts to reintegrate into their communities.”

The IL DOC tried to have the Plaintiff’s case dismissed. The Judge ruled the case should proceed.

In today’s world, where people rely on the internet to find employment, communicate with family, obtain access to news, banking, resources and other information necessary to function, the outcome of this case will be critical.

You can read the order here: Tucker v. Baldwin – IL II Case – Order

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