Today, the Supreme Court of the State of Indiana will hear arguments in Douglas Kirby v. State of Indiana, the case of a registered sex offender who is banned from attending events at his own son’s school.

The plaintiff was convicted of a sex offense in 2010 and received 18 months probation. His son’s school district gave him permission to come to the school to attend his son’s school activities. There were no incidents.

Five years later, the state of Indiana passed a law, making it a felony for a sex offender to enter school property. He fought the law, lost in the trial court, but the Indiana Court of Appeals found the statute was an unconstitutional retroactive punishment as applied to him.

The State of Indiana appealed the case to the Indiana Supreme Court, who is hearing it today. Think positive thoughts for the Kirby family! The only thing these laws do is punish the children!

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