A Derby, KS man is on a mission to block a former sex offender from attending church. According to the Derby Informer, Joshua Kippenberger, is trying to get a church parishioner banned from St. Mary Catholic Church in Derby, because he is on the sex offender registry.

The church, which has arranged for the man to be chaperoned and sit in a special section of the church, is refusing to ban him. The Director of communications for the Catholic Diocese of Wichita said the Diocese is not going to forbid the man from attending mass, adding that “our guidelines are stricter than the parole office.”

In the meantime, despite overwhelming empirical evidence that sex offenders have an incredibly LOW recidivism rate, the vigilante was quoted in the article as saying that pedophiles “will never be cured and they are never, ever, under any circumstances, safe to be in the proximity of children for even the most fleeting of moments.” It sounds to us like Mr. Kippenberger could benefit from some education on the subject!

Despite the pressure, St. Mary is doing the right thing and we offer our kudos to them!

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To write a letter of support and appreciation to St. Mary Catholic Church in Derby, their address is 2300 E Meadowlark Rd, Derby, KS 67037.



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