From a member in Louisiana:

I am a registered citizen in Louisiana.  In October of 2019, a district court in Louisiana ruled that the words “Sex Offender” on RSO’s drivers licenses was unconstitutional.

As predicted, that ruling was appealed to the Louisiana Supreme court and the lower court’s ruling was upheld in October of 2020.

Then, the Louisiana AoG filed an emergency stay with the SCOTUS regarding that ruling.

SCOTUS refused the stay.

A few months ago a bill was introduced into the Louisiana legislature attempting to put each SO’s tier level on their license (House Bill 56).  Basically, they were attempting to jump through a loophole in the court rulings.

Today, that bill was presented to committee where it was discussed for over 2 hours.  When voted on, the bill failed to get out of the committee hearing by a vote of 7 to 6!  The bill is now dead!

I am so happy that I can get a normal driver’s license now!

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