The great Meaghan Ybos is set to take over as President of Women Against Registry (WAR).  As WAR’s Past President Vicki Henry writes, “Meaghan is a surprising ally: a prominent and outspoken survivor of rape who is dedicated to abolishing the registry, ending systems of perpetual punishment, repealing pre-crime preventative detention laws, and shuttering shadow prisons.

Vicki further writes, “in 2003 at the age of sixteen, Meaghan was raped in Memphis.  She was revictimized by the state when law enforcement did not investigate the case or test her rape kit for more than nine years. Meaghan strategically used the (all-too-common) mishandling of her rape case to raise awareness about needed policy changes. In 2015, Meaghan and a group of lawyers and community organizers formed People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws (PERL), which advocates for criminal justice reform and for several years provided the community’s only peer support for people who experienced sexual violence. She is also a contributing writer at The Appeal, part of the Harvard University School of Law’s Fair Punishment Project. Meaghan holds a BA in English from Rhodes College and a Juris Doctor from the University of Mississippi.

Vicki “will continue on as a senior strategic advisor for the next six months to help Meaghan stand up her new Board — after which I intend to take a sabbatical to focus on my family and pivot my work to the dire need for prison and sentencing reform. WAR will be announcing new additions to its Board over the coming months as Meghan builds her team to create meaningful systemic change.

“Over the past dozen years, I’ve met thousands of people from all over the country from every walk of life and level of income who have been baptized by fire into this movement — people who share my commitment to ending the sex offense legal regime. I’m excited about this new chapter in my life and can’t wait to see where this new, youthful leadership will take us in the fight for the rights of our families to live free from the stigma of the registry.”

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