This woman received only 6 years for chasing down and killing a navy service member with her car; he was on a motorcycle. I can’t even appreciate her being upset, she’s losing six years, whereas he lost his life. But, more to the point, she will be free in six or less years and have a chance at a fresh start. A far cry from the sentences being given to people whose crimes​ were far less severe, but sexual in nature, some even having arguably no victim. We have a sick, paradoxical, and downright confusing view of sex in this country, it’s evident everywhere, especially in the law and in the courts. To think most registrants would have received a lighter punishment if they had killed someone is something we seem to have gotten used to, but is so wildly insane if you really start to think objectively about it. Would the average parent rather their baby be dead than have a naked picture out there, or even have intercourse with someone older than them? It is a brutal hypothetical to make a parent consider, but I think death would be voted as least acceptable tragedies. Yet our culture and laws conflict with this, and instead suggest we would rather our loved ones be killed than be a victim of a sex crime.,amp.html

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