When tragedy strikes your family, do you call for other families to suffer?

That’s the apparent approach taken by survivors of a horrible mass murder.  You see, the alleged murderer in this case had also been convicted of a sexual offense.  The family has circulated a petition, with excerpts as follows:

“We’re asking that a person CONVICTED of a sex crime against a child serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.  We ask that the probationary terms of those already released from prison for child sex offenses be reevaluated, and we ask for their probation terms to include monthly home visits…We are also asking that sex offenders convicted of crime(s) against children rights be taken to have their own children…if you ruin a child’s life you deserve NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!”

“We are also asking that it be mandated that all city police stations and schools in Oklahoma have a board set up with all local sex offenders’ pictures and information on them and kept up to date.  This is so important so we can help our local people, police, and school staff aware of offenders in our area because the man responsible for these horrendous murders, like other offenders, are able to manipulate people into believing false information…”

“We would like to name this law ‘The Knights Law’ in honor of our beautiful Knights whose lives were tragically taken from them.”


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