“Something I’m so disgusted about the last few days is Florida Sen. Lauren Book, someone who has served on the MSD commission. She knew all the facts, watched my sister get murdered, but still voted to reinstate Sheriff Israel. She sold out the community of Broward county and put our children at risk.” said Hunter Pollack, whose sister was one of the victims of the Parkland shooting, “I’m completely disgusted with Florida Senator Lauren Book.”


“And Lauren Book is the worst out of all of them, because she sat on that commission, and she watched these people get shot, she watched these children die. But simply sold out her community for her own political ambition, and that’s just something that makes my stomach sick. I’m up here in Tallahassee tying to honor my sister, and this girl had the audacity to just go behind our backs and vote against the community of Broward County.”

Wonder why???

Remember Scott Israel and Ron Book’s meeting at a restaurant in Broward?

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