An elderly registrant who we wrote about in recent weeks (see: died Thursday while still in custody.

Less than a month ago, we wrote, “Right now, the 85 year old who got arrested yesterday is sitting in Volusia County Jail. He had his first appearance a half hour ago and his arraignment is scheduled for September 6th. Because he’s on the registry (for the WalMart thing) and now violated his probation, he will remain in custody. Who knows if the guy even knows where he is or why he’s there? One thing is for sure though, he’s probably not going to get better sitting in there.”

And he didn’t.

Volusia County Spokesman Gary Davidson said Kolb “was transported from the jail to Halifax Health Medical Center on Tuesday for a medical issue and died at the hospital on Thursday. The Volusia Sheriff’s Office is conducting a routine death investigation, which is customary.”

We NEED to find better ways to deal with elderly and mentally ill registrants!

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