From a Member: I just wanted to inform you of a scam that I nearly fell for. I received a call from a “deputy” at my Sheriff’s Office telling me that I was supposed to be at the office yesterday to do a DNA swab. He said that I should have got a letter from the Court about this. I told him that I never received such a letter. He told me that there was an arrest warrant out for me, but I could avoid it by posting a “personal bond”. He explained to me and said that I cannot bring cash (they don’t accept it) and that I need to bring it to a store and buy something like a gift card. Of course I’m nervous because I never had a violation in the 20 plus years that I’ve been on the SOR. He said that he would stay on the line with me while I go to the bank, then he’d tell me what to do next. I got in my car and got about halfway down my street when I got this feeling it was a scam. I told him that this didn’t feel right and that I was going to call the Sherrif’s Office and ask if there’s a warrant out for my arrest. When I said that, he hung up. It seems like I had read something about this on FAC. I’m glad that my spidey senses kicked in and didn’t fall for it.


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