According to this article in the Palm Beach Post, more than seven months after the initial investigation was opened, no one in Palm Beach, Martin, Indian River or Orange counties is facing a human trafficking charge.

Nevertheless 5 of the 25 men in arrested in Jupiter’s Orchids of Asia have taken an unorthodox plea deal that requires them to admit guilt despite having their charges dropped as part of a plea.

“Attorney Steven Gomberg told the newspaper the defendants in the Jupiter spa case are being treated differently because various law enforcement officials connected the investigation to human trafficking.“It’s outrageous,” Gomberg said. “I think the next thing we will see is Mr. Aronberg calling a press conference to announce he found five kids smoking weed at the park and he’s linked them to a drug cartel.””

From our perspective, this is just more fear mongering by the government in order to justify continued funding of their “operations”.

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