What do we mean by “Paper Arrest?”

We also call it a “Paper Felony” when some error or omission in your registration paperwork results in an arrest because of the inaccuracy of the data you reported to your Sheriff office and, in turn, reported to FDLE.

That’s right… no contact, no repeat offense, no intentional crime….but rather an oversight on your registration paperwork that can result in a third-degree felony just for being unaware, forgetful, have a language challenge, or possibly have a reading disability like Dyslexia.  While these are more often honest, human actions, these are also reasons to arrest you, detain you, risk loss of employment and income, and destroy lives.

For example:

  1. The utility trailer that has been stored under the old oak tree in the backyard and hasn’t moved in five years….MUST BE REPORTED.  It requires a vehicle registration with DMV and therefore is the same the vehicle you drive every day.
  2. Transposing two numbers in your work/personal phone number.
  3. Being one-digit off on an address.
  4. Not updating the Tag number on your spouse’s vehicle when they got new plates (even though its the same vehicle that has been reported for 10 years….DMV replaces license plates every 10 years!
  5. Not removing a former employer from your registration, even if your current employer is accurate.
  6. Failure to register an Internet ID or APP that triggers the REQUIREMENT to register.


Check your paperwork carefully, and when it doubt – cover yourself!

Click here for a Summary of Florida Reporting Requirements

Join the FAC Membership Call tonight May 2, 2024 at 8pm ET for a review of the Reporting Requirements and common “Paper Felonies” that can be avoided. To participate, call 319-527-3487.  If you have any problem connecting to the call for free, you can text CALL ME to 319-527-3487 for a call back from Free Conference Call and you will be connected to the meeting at no charge.


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