Pennsylvania’s Attorney General charged 4 religious leaders with the sexual abuse of 19 children. “Most of these defendants used their faith and church to gain access to their victims to build their trust, and then molested them,” PA AG Josh Shapiro said. “Some defendants only looked as far as their own families to commit their abuse.”

Florida Action Committee notes that this abuse is not uncommon in any religion and does not share this story to draw critical attention to any religious group. Instead, it points out that the Pennsylvania Sex Offender Registry was completely ineffective in protecting these 19 children.

While the citizens of Pennsylvania were carefully watching the sex offender registry and relying on the list to protect them from harm, these 4 people who were never on the registry because they had no history of a prior sex offense, skated past suspicion and abused 19 children! Parents should be calling AG Shapiro and demanding an explanation!

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