We have been contacted by many members about an unsolicited flyer they received in the mail from a company in Texas that is being marketed as “Clearmycase.com”.

Apparently the company is using the Florida Sex Offender registry to solicit registrants, telling them that they “have great news for you!”, “You may be eligible to deregister.” and “you may be eligible to stop reporting to law enforcement as a sex offender” and that for $150 they will review their case to let them know if they are eligible to “deregister”.

We suggest you do not fall for this. They are mass-mailing this solicitation to thousands of registrants, 99% of which will not be eligible for removal from the registry. In our opinion, this company is preying on thousands of desperately hopeful and naive registrants who will fork over $150 to be quickly and easily told they do not qualify for removal.

Here is a quick questionnaire that you should go through in your mind before even considering their flier:

  1. Have you received a full pardon from the governor of Florida or the President of the US?
  2. Have you had your conviction (or withhold) set aside in post-conviction relief?
  3. Was your offense a “Romeo and Juliet” offense where: (a) it was consensual, and (b) the victim was 14-17, and (c) you were no more than 4 years older than the victim?
  4. Has it been at least 25 years since you have been released from confinement, supervision, or sanction (whichever is latest) and have not been arrested for any felony or misdemeanor offense since release?

If you are a sexual offender (not predator)* and meet any of these four criteria, you should consult with a licensed Florida Attorney with experience in registration matters, not some company out of another state.


* If you are designated a sexual predator, effective July 1, 2007, in accordance with AWA, Florida removed the ability for a sexual predator to petition the court for removal of the sexual predator designation.


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