As a result of a statewide survey of Florida law enforcement agencies that found that 146 out of 271 reported instances of social media platforms used in human trafficking were attributable to Meta platforms, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is demanding that Mark Zuckerberg explain the high volume of human trafficking across Meta platforms.  

Moody stated that these findings were extraordinary.  They are extraordinary when you consider that over half of these reported instances in human trafficking used a Meta platform – platforms that people who are registered as a sex offender are not allowed to use.

So, the safeguards are not working.  The registry is failing the public again because the overwhelming number of future sex offenses will be by people NOT on the registry who are currently allowed on these platforms.

Think about it:  A group of people is NOT allowed on Facebook, etc., yet the 90+% who will be committing future sex offenses and are not on the registry are allowed.

Moody and Zuckerberg need to understand that what they are doing is not working, i.e., not allowing people with a past sex offense who are not sexually re-offending to be on Meta platforms.  Until they understand the research, they will never come up with a solution to fight human trafficking.

The “Public safety threat” is making policies NOT based on research.


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