Washington D.C.’s Metro Board had proposed that anyone arrested on SUSPICION of committing a sex offense or a crime involving a firearm should have a temporary ban from using the stations, trains and buses.  Apparently, the people arrested would be guilty until proven innocent.

The bigger issue here, though, is that the board has dropped the proposal as a result of more than 100 letters and messages sent to board members, with most being against the proposal.  Additionally, there were protests at Metro stations and in front of a board member’s house.

With the 2000-plus members of FAC, we can put more pressure on legislative and governing bodies for change.  We should be able to come up with 100 letters, emails and phone calls easily.  Think what might happen if 100 people contacted the Columbia Youth Football Association or the Columbia County Commissioners concerning the cancelation of the annual football jamboree simply because a registrant, who is not re-offending, sits on the board for the park that was to be used.  Think of what could happen if 100 people contact the Safety and Justice Task Force that will be formed in the near future in Florida.

As for protests, ACSOL is planning one at the national level in Washington, D. C. in March of 2023.

There is power in numbers, even in relatively small numbers.


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