anonymous asked 4 years ago

I transferred my probation to Florida from Georgia, I do not fall under any of the laws for special conditions of probation. My charge in GA. was incest with an adult but Ga. requires me to register but under FL. law I wouldn\\\’t have to. The probation officer said she classified me as close as she could to FL. restrictions so she labeled me as violating 794 and put me under all the stipulations as a person who has a charge against a minor, when FDLE has it listed as not a minor. I sent her a copy of the birth certificates to prove she wasn\\\’t a minor, yet I am currently under all the stipulations of 948. What should I do?

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FAC Contributor #1 Staff answered 4 years ago

You should contact an attorney. FAC is not a law firm, we are not lawyers and we are not licensed nor qualified to provide you with legal advice.

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